Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caramel au beurre salé (salted butter caramel) Mousse.

I won't repeat myself I swear. So no I won't say (again) that I love mousse (especially because this sounds weird "I love mousse" ?!) I won't say (again) that I love the sound it makes when my spoon plunges into a cup full of whatever-mousse is in. No I won't repeat myself, even if I just have and even if I've said all this already while talking about my Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse.
 So maybe I'm just going to talk about CARAMEL. But I won't repeat B's words talking about my love for caramel in her Caramel Pork post ... 
But the thing I can say is that this recipe is really simple and soooooo goood, it got tasted, tested and approved by B and by my family so that should be a proof of quality -... I guess- and I liked it too. This recipe is simple because I actually use the same base recipe for all the mousses I make and then I just add  the ingredient(s) that will make them taste how I want them to taste like. 

Ingredients (for 10 mini tiny cups)* :

3 egg whites
a pinch of salt
10 cl whipping cream

For the salted butter caramel :
25 gr salted butter
75 gr powder sugar
25 cl water / 10 cl cold water

Directions :
1) Start with the caramel by adding 75gr powder sugar and 25 cl water in a saucepan over a high heat (and keep an eye on it)
2) When all the water seems evaporated -the syrup will form big bubbles- and when the syrup is turning into a light brown/golden caramel, add 10 cl cold water - it is supposed to prevent the caramel from hardening while cooling down-.
*you can also add a few lemon drops at the same moment, cold cream-you'll need to wait until the water and sugar mixture turns into caramel- or corn syrup-to add in the saucepan with sugar and water- I tried all of these and cold cream and corn syrup worked better*
3) Wait until the water evaporates and until the caramel turns back to brown but this time let it cook a little more than the first time to get a "brown brown caramel" and remove the saucepan from the heat.
4) Add 25 gr salted butter and stir with a spatula. Now you can let it cool down at regular temperature.
5) Beat 3 egg whites with a pinch of salt.
6) Whip the whipping cream in a cold bowl.
7) Mix the caramel with the egg whites  and stir slowly and carefully. Add the whipping cream. -You can also start with mixing the caramel with the whipped cream and then add the egg whites-
8) Put in the fridge for 2 hours and enjoy!

*B and I were on a food marathon the day I made this and since I care about our health (and our weight) I decided  to make only a small portion of mousse and that's why I used tiny cups.



tiara maliyackal said...

looks yum!!but can i please know the full form of cl?

KandB. said...

Thanks Tiara. Cl = centiliters. We're always struggling with conversions so we just put all our measurements the "french/european way". We'll try to find a way to fix this.

Bessie said...

The water and sugar measurements are different in the ingredients list and the instructions. Please clarify...I really
can't wait to try this recipe! Looks divine!

KandB. said...

Hey I'm sorry! Thanks for pointing that out! So I used 75 gr sugar and 25 cl water!

garlic focaccia said...

Lovely this recipe Looks divine!A great post no one could of said it any better.

queen_carley said...

I tried this and it didn't seem to go well... The caramel got hard so it didn't "mix" with the egg whites and if I heated it up to make it liquid again it would just melt/cook the eggs. Is the caramel supposed to be syrupy?

KandB. said...

Hi, so yes the caramel is supposed to be syrupy I made the same recipe ten days ago and it worked well. Sometimes the caramel would get hard too but you can add cold cream and stir over medium heat but you need to let the caramel cool down first, if it's warm it should work but if it's too hot it won't.
You can also add corn syrup in the water or a few lemon drops, it depends but the cold water thing worked for me. If you don't want the caramel to cook the eggs then mix the caramel with the whipped cream first this way if the caramel is too hot (because it happened tome once) you'll be able to get the caramel pieces and put them back in the saucepan and make them melt again.
Thanks anyway I'm gonna add this in the recipe just in case. Hope this will help.

valerie vander ark said...

Hope this helps for measurements!
1 centiliter (CL)= .034 oz
Can't wait to make this dessert!