About us.

Hey everyone, we're Kama and Laëtitia (aka Bouboil), two foodies in their twenties from Paris, France. Kama is studying cinema in college; Laëtitia is major in English. We basically like the same things, like going out, reading, travelling, watching TV shows, listening to music, blah blah blah ...
We've decided to create a blog to share our passion for all kind of food. We love to discover new flavors and to create new recipes to please our friends, our families, and ourselves.
Besides, we have recently discovered a passion for photography and we can spend several hours shooting the same muffin ...
We shoot with Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-45 bridge camera.

What we like
- chocolate (dark one for Laëtitia and white one for Kama)
- oreo cookies
- ice cream
- nutella
- sushis
- French fries
- exotic fruits
- lamb
- caramelized pork
- "Prêt à manger" sandwiches and Mark&Spencer pastries (we love London)
- etc etc ... Well, the fact is that we love too many things ...

What we don't like
- offals
- curry (for Kama)
- seafood (for Kama, again)
- radish (for Laëtitia)
- rabbit (for Laëtitia, again)

Enjoy the blog,