Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Asian Food Style - Caramel Pork.

K is a caramelholic. She just loves it and a few weeks ago, she asked me to cook some caramel pork. The first attempt was not that conclusive, so I searched a better recipe and last week I gave it another try. And it worked pretty well actually; I adapted a recipe I found from the Internet and the pork was really sticky, a bit crunchy and tender at the same time. And K was so satisfied that we've decided to put the recipe on the blog. I didn't have fresh or ground  ginger left in my kitchen -I know, what a shame for an Asian girl, no ?! - so I used candied ginger and in fact, it was better since it was already sweet, so it allowed me to reduce the quantity of sugar instead.

for two
- 300g pork
- 50g granulated sugar
- 3 tbp water
- 2 tbp soya sauce
- 1 tbp fish sauce
- chopped candied ginger (as you want)
- vegetable oil

1) In a saucepan, pour 50g sugar and the water to make a caramel; when it's getting brown, add the soya sauce;
2) Meanwhile, fry the pork; when it's sealed, incorporate the caramel
3) Add the fish sauce and the candied ginger; stir and cook for about 15-20min.



Anonymous said...

This recipe sounds delicious! I too love caramel and love the yin and yang of food pairings. Sweet and savoury is perfect. Just the recipe I was looking for. Thank you.

Kevin said...

That pork looks really tasty!

KandB. said...

Thanks both. This recipe is now one of our favorites !

Lyss Vicious said...

I've had this bookmarked for months and am finally trying it tonight!

But your ingredients call for 50g of sugar and the recipe only mentions 30g. What am I missing here?

KandB. said...

Hey Lyss Vicious,

sorry for the delayed answer. Actually it's a mistake we've made while writing the recipe. 50g is the right quantity to use. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to have pointing it out !
Hope you've managed to cook it well. Let us know !


Lyss Vicious said...

Yeah once I did the math and realized that 50g was just about 3 tablespoons I just did equal sugar and water. It came out great but I think I let the caramel go too dark this time around.

But this is definitely on my go to list now. Thanks for sharing!