Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! ACK! (2nd edition)

Yes, this is the 2nd edition of a previous recipe I wrote when B and I didn't have a good camera so the result was pretty ugly!
(since I don't want to disappoint you people I took beautiful pictures of something more appealing.) And these last weeks I've noticed people came to visit this page because they were searching for Tina Fey's "Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! ACK!" ( and maybe you're here because you typed the same thing in Google search bar...)
So if you typed it maybe it's because you were wondering "what did Liz Lemon mean when she said "Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! ACK!"?
Well here is the answer : ..... she was actually referring to my Nutella and brownie ice cream!! (or maybe she wasn't).

This ice cream is a tribute to Tina Fey, so if you don't like her I don't care! And if by any chance (in one of my craziest dreams) she would visit this page, here is a message for her (for you Tina Fey) : "I love youuuuu, I love 30 rock! You make me wanna be a funny person and a feminist! I will buy your book and my next tribute to you will be a lemon curd pie or a sandwich or a meatball sub!"

Ingredients :

for the ice cream :
-2 eggs and 1 egg yolk
-2 cups milk
- 40 gr sugar
- 150 gr Nutella

for the brownie :
-60 gr flour
-200 gr chocolate
-50 gr butter
- 3 eggs
- 50 gr sugar

Directions :

1) Mix 2 eggs and 1 egg yolk with 40 gr sugar. Heat 2 cups milk and pour on your eggs and sugar before it's boiling. Put back on heat and keep spinning until the mixture gets thicker. Remove from heat and add 150gr Nutella. Let the preparation cool down in the fridge and pour it in your ice cream maker.
2) For the brownie : Melt 50gr butter and 200gr chocolate. Mix 3 eggs, 60gr flour and 50 gr sugar. Add the melted chocolate and butter. Put in a 455°F oven for 30 minutes. Cut into small cubes and add to the Nutella ice cream. Keep in the freezer for about 2 hrs.


By K aka Cathy.

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