Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh Lebanese Taboulé.

Last Sunday, I saw a documentary on Lebanese food and it made me want to try a home made taboulé. I often eat taboulé but it's far from being the original recipe - the sauce is canned and too oily most of the time. So I've tried the original recipe and I was very surprise by the flavors of this salad; in fact, it's as if I discovered taboulé for the first time today. No need to tell you I won't buy taboulé anymore.

I served it as a side with ground paprika and cumin marinated chicken brochettes - okay, not that Lebanese, but next time I'll try to make hummus and falafels, promise !


- 250g boulghour

- 2 lemons

- 20cl warm water

- 4-5 firm tomatoes

- 4 spring onions

- half a bunch of mint

- half a bunch of flat-leaved parsley (in the original recipe, the taboulé is greener because the whole bunches are required)

- pepper and olive oil for seasoning


1) In a bowl, put the boulghour and pour the water and lemon juice;

2) Dice the onions and the tomatoes; chop the herbs; add them to the boulghour and mix;

3) Fridge the taboulé for at least 4 hours - a whole day is better though;

4) Season if you want and pour some olive oil before serving.


By B.

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