Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pork and Spinach Hamburgers with French Fries.

Today, we've finally celebrated Kama's B Day after a month late (okay, a month and ten days late ...) Anyway, I've already made burgers last year but we love hamburgers so much that I could'nt help myself making hamburgers again. Why not making this a birthday habit ?!
This time however, I wanted to try something new, that's why I've made ... Asian style burgers with pork marinated with typically asian ingredients. Let's be honest, I didn't make the buns but I did make the French Fries. And I found a great recipe in a potato recipes book so that the French Fries aren't sticky and too moist.


for the 3 pork burgers

- 5 pork chops

- 1 egg white

- 1 bird-eye chili

- cilantro

- chopped red bell pepper

- 1 tspoon ground ginger

- 1 tspoon ground garlic

- 2 tbspoons soya sauce

- pepper and salt

- flour

- cheddar

- spinach leaves

- spring onions

- 3 whole-wheat flour

- ketchup

for the French Fries

- potatoes

- vegetable oil


1) Mix the ingredients for the pork burgers (except the flour) altogether; Shape the burgers and fridge them for an hour; Flour the burgers before frying them with sesame oil

2) Assemble the hamburgers with the rest of the ingredients and put in the oven for the cheddar to melt.

How to make French Fries:

1) Cut the potatoes - the bigger the French Fries are, the tastier they will be;

2) Soak them for 30min; Strain and wipe them;

3) Fry them a first time in hot oil for 3min; Remove them for 5min and fry them a second time until they've browned;

4) Salt and serve immediately with the hamburgers.


By B.

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