Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet pea soup, and a new fridge.

My parents bought a new fridge this weekend, so before it is delivered, we have to eat all the frozen foodstuffs. French fries? Done. Dumplings? Done. Spring rolls? Done. Sweet peas? Well, here it is. I didn't really know what to do with them so I thought that the easiest way to cook them was to turn them into a soup. And it did turned well and I enjoyed it for it was the first time I was eating peas like that. To go with the soup I toasted some bread and added goat cheese on it.
for 4 people
- 400g sweet peas
- 1 onion
- chopped parsley
- 3 tbspoons of sour or heavy cream
- half a bouillon cub
- pepper, salt
1) Boil the sweet peas with the bouillon cub and the onion
2) Remove from heat; add the cream and parsley and mix until you get a homogenous and unctuous soup; season;
It can be served either cold or warm, both are tasty.
By B.

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