Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crazy in love.

Pistachio oil. I'm definitely fond of pistachio oil. I've discovered it a couple of months ago while I was getting weary of sunflower and olive oils.
It is sweet, but not too much and its roasted flavor gives an original touch that reminds me of summer holidays. It's like summer in your mouth.
I pour it on my salads, avocados, grilled chicken, raw fishes or even on my pasta ! It can be either match with lemon juice or pomegranate molasses, or even poured as the only seasoning : no doubt, it is simply PER-FECT.
I also read that it could even be used in pastries; I'm definitely going to try that very soon.
Besides, it provides you with vitamine E, omega 9 and helps regulate your cholesterol rate ... What else ??
Try it soon but beware, you might be never able to use another oil anymore ...
By Bbl.

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