Sunday, January 16, 2011

Salmon and Mango Salad

For Christmas' Eve, I wanted a fresh & light salad combining an exotic fruit and seafood as I know they usually match together pretty well. I thought it would be an original way to eat seafood on a traditional day. Raw salmon immediately came to my mind since I'm a huge sushiholic. Besides, mango is undoubtedly one of my favorite fruits because of my origins; indeed, my mother is from Thailand and there has always been Thai food in our kitchen, including delicious sweet mangoes. I definitely love the color of this fruit; it just reminds me of summer, holidays, and of my house located in a small tropical & typical village of Northern Thailand ; plus, it adds that "special touch" to a dish that catches your attention immediately.

So now if we go back to my salad, I wanted to dress it nicely so I made a kind of "three-layer salad" with mango, mache salad and then salmon on top. As for the vinaigrette, I just used my new favorite oil: roasted pistachio oil; and I mixed it with some pomegranate molasses - another original touch for this celebrating day!

It tasted very good; my family loved it and found that the freshness of this salad was a good thing in the middle of a rather substantial meal (it was substantial indeed since we had the biggest turkey ever the following day ... we never had so many leftovers!); and the different flavors matched together perfectly .

If you don't like eating raw fish, you can replace it by scallops or grilled prawns, that works too.

for two people
- two raw salmon slices
- one mango (not too ripe otherwise it would be too sweet)
- mache salad
- lime
- pepper
- one tbspoon of roasted pistachio oil
- one tbspoon of pomegranate molasses

1) Dice the raw salmon slices, marinate them with some lime juice and pepper, and put them into the fridge for about an hour
2) Likewise, dice the mango
3) Mix the pistachio oil with the pomegranate molasses
4) Dressing: put the mango dices in a round-shape; put the mache salad on it and then add the salmon on top; pour the vinaigrette on it; serve immediately. Enjoy.

By Bbl.

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