Monday, February 13, 2012

Salmon Rillettes.

 I've made this recipe for last Christmas Eve -I got the idea from a cooking magazine. Everyone found it pretty tasty but I wanted to make Kama taste it before I put it on the blog. And she largely approved it -okay, it was quite easy since Kama has a kind of salmon obsession at Christmas time ! 
The rillettes can be eaten as an appetizer either on blinis pancakes or baguette slices, or even on toasted bread.


- 200g raw salmon
- 150g smoked salmon
- 30g salmon eggs
- 40g butter
- a handful of chopped dill
- a handful of chopped chives
- the juice of a lime
- pepper

1) Cook the raw salmon; let it cool down before crumbling it.
2) Chop roughly the smoked salmon.
3) Mix together the salmon, smoked salmon, butter, lime juice, and chopped herbs in a food processor. The mixture must be homogenous but still with little morsels of salmon.
4) In a bowl, add the salmon eggs and stir carefully.
5) Fridge until serving.


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