Thursday, September 8, 2011

Asian Food - Pork and Baby Shanghai Pak Choi Potstickers.

Lately, my boyfriend invited me to a Korean restaurant for dinner and since then, I'm just craving for potstickers. So I could'nt help but go to an Asian supermarket to buy dumpling wrappers and here I am in my kitchen, wrapping dumplings. I made the recipe at random, with the ingredients I had in my fridge but fortunately they turned out to match each other pretty well. And, of course, I made Kama my guinea-pig, a job she appreciated since she loved the potstickers and went back home with a bag of frozen potstickers.

for about 30 dumplings
- fresh dumpling wrappers
- 5 pork chops
- 1 baby Shanghai pak choi
- 2 spring onions
- 1 bird eye chili
- a handful of chopped cilantro
- a handful of chopped Shitake mushrooms
- 1 egg, beaten + 1 other beaten egg to seal the dumpling if needed (you can either use water)
- 2 tb soy sauce
- 1 tb fish sauce
- 1 tb sesame oil
- pepper

1) Chop all the ingredients and mix them together until obtaining a homogenous stuffing
2) Put a small quantity of it at the center of a wrapper (the equivalent of a spoonful)
3) Moisten the edges with some beaten egg or water and fold over, pressing the edge tightly to chase the air in the dumpling and thus seal it. Press to flatten the bottom.
4) Cover your dumplings with a damp towel. Freeze them or cook them in a frying-pan with sesame or vegetable oil until golden brown on the bottom. Serve with a noodle soup or a salad and soy sauce.


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