Sunday, September 18, 2011

4-Hand Cooking - White Chocolate Cupcakes & Ginger Cupcakes, with a delicious "bloody" surprise.

Well, let's be honest, this recipe wasn't the one we expected to make. At first, we planned to make salty cupcakes but when we began to talk about the ingredients we could use, we soon realized that our greedy bellies were craving for sweet. White chocolate is K's favorite chocolate and raspberry is B's favorite berry, and we both love ginger, so after a long brainstorming, we've decided to make a recipe combining these ingredients. And it turned out to work very well since white chocolate is sweet, raspberries are sour, and ginger spicy. In short, every ingredient counterbalances the other. The perfect match.

for 14 cupcakes
- 210g all purpose flour
- 150g granulated sugar
- 1 tp baking soda
- 3/4 tp baking powder
- a pinch of salt
- 3 eggs
- 25cl milk
- 120g whole almond puree - perfect to replace butter
- 1 tp vanilla extract

for the raspberry filling
- 200g fresh raspberries
- 50g icing sugar
- 1g agar-agar

for the frosting
- 200g unsalted butter at room temperature
- 400g icing sugar
- 15cl whipping cream
- 1 tp ginger powder
or - 100g melted white chocolate and - some shaved white and dark chocolate

Preheat the oven at 330°C/
1) Separate the dry ingredients from the liquid ingredients - except the almond puree - and mix them.
2) Pour half of the liquid preparation in the dry preparation; add the almond puree and mix.
3) Incorporate the rest of the liquid preparation and mix for about 5min until obtaining a homogenous mixture.
4) Fill 2/3 of the cases with the preparation. Bake for about 25min.
5) Meanwhile, put the raspberries and the icing sugar in a saucepan and heat. Let the preparation cook gently for about 20min until obtaining a kind of puree. Add the agar-agar, stir, and remove from heat. Fridge while the cupcakes cool down.
6) For the frosting, put the butter and icing sugar in a bowl, mix until it's homogenous. Add the whipping cream, keep stiring. Split the preparation in half, and mix one half with the ginger powder, the other with the melted white chocolate. Fridge the preparations.
7) When the cupcakes have cooled down, make a little hole at the center of each cupcake so as to fill the hole with a spoonful of the raspberry puree.
8) Frost the cupcakes and decorate at your convinience.



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