Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chandeleur or Happy Groundhog day!

Today is what we call in France "la Chandeleur" and that means today we eat CRÊPES (yeeaaaaahhh) Everybody loves crêpes, salty crêpes, sweet crêpes, buckwheat crêpes etc etc.
Ok I have to confess the lazy part of me told me to buy a crêpes mix and I listened to it ... well I actually listened to myself... anyway if you're looking for a real homemade recipe I'm sure B. will post one in a few days (since she's on holiday...)
But this mix was great and the crêpes were great aswell, you just have to add milk and oil and it's ready. Get your pans ready and let's flip these crêpes!!

I baked two different kinds of crêpes : salty ones and sweet ones. For the salty ones I added salt and pepper and for the sweet ones I just added vanilla extract and it brought a light exotic flavor that was delicious.
We ate the salty crêpes with smoked salmon, salad and fresh goat cheese to try something different from the traditional ham and cheese crêpes.
What's great with crêpes is that you can eat them with almost anything : marmelade, chocolate, whipped cream, fruits, honey, sugar, butter, maple syrup, caramel...
So no people, there's no secret recipe for making gorgeous crêpes or maybe you'll find it by yourself, just put everything that's in your fridge on your table with a dish of crêpes and I'm pretty sure any combination can work or maybe not... it's almost like playing Alchemy on your phone, sometimes it works and you get something you didn't expect, sometimes it doesn't work and you're stuck so you go on the internet and you cheat! but you won't need to cheat here.

Ps : I used the word "crêpes" 13 times and I may have eaten as many as 13 crêpes tonight...
By K.

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