Thursday, February 24, 2011

4-hand cooking. part 1 : Turkey rolls

Last Monday, we've watched the French version of Top Chef (we LOVE this show) and two cooks made chicken rolls. And, big surprise, we decided to try to make some too ... So today, we spent the day together cooking and watching TV (and particularly the first episode of America's Next Top Model ... this 16th cycle promises to be once again so exciting!) We don't cook together so much but each time it's a real pleasure; we spend hours in the kitchen, trying new recipes and imagining others to come - and the list of recipes to come is very, very long ... It was our first attempt with turkey rolls but it turned out pretty well and we ate all of them! The rolls can be served either as appetizers or in a salad. We wrote below four recipes inspired by food around the world we love; hope they'll please your palates!


1)Tenderize the turkey/chicken breasts and place them on food wrap

2) Spread some of the preparation chosen on all the surface of the breast the if you want to obtain a spiral shape or on one side

3) Roll the breast firmly in the plastic wrap beginning with the side you spread the preparation upon ;

4) Fridge the rolls for 30min

5) Pour some water and a bouillon cub in a saucepan and let the water simmer (it mustn't boil); Plunge the rolls into water and cook for 15min

6) Let them cool down before cutting them. If you want to bread them, let them cool down first, then coat them with breadcrumbs, fry them in a frying pan and let them cool down again for 5min before cutting them.

Italian style

Ingredients :
-Spinach leaves
-Salt and pepper.

For the breadcrumbs :
-Dry bread
-Olive oil (you can also use an egg... but I didn't have any, so we replaced it with olive oil and it worked perfectly well)

British style

Ingredients :
-We've used Ploughman's pickle ("made with BRITISH carrots, apples, cauliflowers and swede")

Southern France style

Ingredients :
- A few diced green olives
- A few diced bell peppers
- Chopped basil
- Goat cheese
- salt and pepper

Asian style

Ingredients :
-4 Baby corns
- 2 Black mushrooms
- 1/2 carrot
- 1 tspoon soy sauce
- 1 tspoon ketchup
- 1 lump granulated sugar

By K & B.

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