Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kama's B-Day Meal, Part II: The Oreo Cake

Kama's favorite cookies are definitely Oreos. She can't help singing Oreo song anytime she eats some: "Ice cold milk/And an Oreo cookie/They forever go together/What a classic combination/When a dark delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation". So for her 20th anniversary, I decided to make a huge Oreo cake, just for her. By the way, I forget to tell you that the frosting is made with white chocolate (her favorite).

- three chocolate cakes

The filling & frosting:
- 250g mascarpone
- one white chocolate tablet
- 12 Oreo cookies (or more if you're greedier than us)

1) Bake three chocolate cakes
2) Let them cool down while preparing the filling & frosting
3) Melt the white chocolate in a sauce pan; mix it with the mascaporne until you get a smooth and homogenous cream; let it cool down
4) Fill the layers with some of this cream and frost the cake with the rest
5) Crumble a few Oreo cookies and add them on the frosting
6) Eventually put the rest of the Oreo cookies on top of the cake and fridge it for minimum three hours.

By B.

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