Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pork stuffed Round Zucchinis - Gluten Free.

As you must have seen these past few days, fall is definitely here. It's not the season we prefer for sure, but it has one good point for food(ie) lovers: Fall is the period when you can enjoy great fruits and vegetables like figs, pears, dates, squashes, chestnuts, ... It's also the right time to start cooking comfort food again. And that's exactly what we did today with this new recipe. It's actually a combo of comfort food and Italian ingredients - have we ever told you about our shared obsession with parmesan cheese and fresh basil ? Well, now you know ! Hope you'll enjoy it !

for 6 servings - or 3, for hungry people

- 6 round zucchinis
- 400g ground pork
- 5 shallots, diced
- a handful of dried raisins
-  a handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped
- 1 tb grated parmesan cheese
- pepper & salt
- olive oil to brown the shallots and to coat the round zucchinis

Preheat the oven at 300°C

1) Pre-cook the round zucchinis in boiling water for 10min. They must remain firm. Remove from heat and plunge them into icing water.
2) Meanwhile, brown the diced shallots in olive oil in a frying pan.
3) Cut the top of the round zucchinis, remove the flesh -don't forget the flesh of the zucchini tops as well. Wipe if necessary.
4) Dice the flesh of the zucchinis, it will be part of the stuffing.
5) Incorporate all the ingredients of the stuffing together. Season.
6) Stuff the round zucchinis. Coat generously with olive oil and put in the oven for 30 to 40minutes. Lower the heat if they begin to burn. Drizzle the round zucchinis with their juice every 10 minutes - every 5 minutes is even better actually because the most often you do it, the tastier and tender they will be.

Serve hot with mashed potatoes or rice.



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