Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Bowl of Spring : Quinoa, Strawberry, Arugula, Goatcheese, and Roasted Chicken Salad.

      Spring has eventually come -okay, it's pretty rainy out there but it's officially spring, which means that summer is coming next and that is great news. I've put on weight these months because of all the exams I have -cross the fingers for me please ! To help me lose the pounds I've gained eating chocolate/cakes/French fries (what a student diet, isn't it ?!), I've decided to prepare more salads and to add more grains and greens in my meals. That's the reason why today I'm posting ... a salad ! To be more acute, this is a salad made with leftovers so that's a great recipe about "how to use your leftovers". I used the roasted chicken leftovers and the quinoa I'd made the day before. I added a few other ingredients, made a quick and simple vinaigrette and the result turned out to be pretty tasty and handy -it's the kind of salad I love to make for my lunch box if there's a fridge where I go to store it. Hope you'll like it too. And I promise it's absolutely not the sort of salad that makes you feel hungry in the following hour.

For 2 servings
- 100g cold quinoa
- chicken leftovers 
- 2 handfuls arugula
- some fresh diced strawberries (about 6-8 is good)
- some diced fresh goat cheese

For the vinaigrette
- 2 tb olive oil
- 1 tb balsamic vinegar
- 2 tp honey
- half a red onion, chopped
- pepper

1) Mix all the ingredients together for the salad
2) Do the same for the vinaigrette. Pour on the salad. Enjoy.



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