Friday, May 13, 2011

Oatmeal Chicken Nuggets.

 We wanted to try something healthier than the traditional chicken nuggets and honestly, we also wanted to try something lighter than our usual diet when we eat together - cookies, ice creams, sugar, cakes, butter, cream - and it actually turned out pretty well because the oatmeal gives an amazing crispiness to the chicken and it doesn't absorb oil that much. 
This recipe is also quick and easy to prepare.

- 2 chicken breasts
- 1 egg white
- flour, oatmeal
- salt and pepper
- olive oil

for the barbecue sauce
- 2 tbspoon ketchup
- 1 tbspoon honey
- 1 tbspoon red wine vinegar
- tabasco

1) Cut the breasts into small pieces, salt and pepper
2) Flour them, put them in the battered egg white and roll them in the oatmeal flakes
3) Fry them with olive oil; serve with the sauce and a salad.


by K&B.

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Just wanna taste it!! yummy